Do you consider suggestions?
- Yes please email info@radiancefilms.co.uk for any films you think we should consider! We won’t always be able to respond but all emails will be read.

Do you have sales?
- We occasionally have price promotions on our titles though these are seasonal so the best way to hear about any price promotions is to subscribe to our newsletter to hear first about any sales activity. We also offer a 10% discount on our releases in the pre-order period and through in-advance bulk purchase offers in the bundles section of our site.

Where and when do you announce new titles?
- New titles are first announced on our newsletter and on our social media feeds via twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Are your releases newly restored?
- Each release is created from the finest available materials, with restorations selected from the latest restorations undertaken by the film’s producers or representatives with additional work undertaken by Radiance where required. Radiance will restore films where restorations do not yet exist.

Do your releases have subtitles?
- Each English language film will have English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing while foreign language films will have English subtitles, newly translated or modified to our standards where required. Our licenses only permit us to include English subtitles.

Is that big coloured strip printed on the front of the box?
- Each Limited Edition release comes with an ‘obi strip’, a piece of paper that wraps around the spine and contains all necessary certificate, barcode, and legal and marketing information allowing the cover to be unspoiled both front and back. They are designed to be discarded but you may choose to keep them inside the case.

Are your sleeves reversible?
- Our Limited Edition releases feature double-sided sleeves with images to front and back on one side and another image and essential release information on the reverse. All other information (BBFC certificate, barcode, logos etc.) is contained on the OBI strip, which can be removed.

Why are your releases limited; will you re-print limited editions?
- As we mostly focus on more niche and challenging films, market conditions make it difficult to keep films, and therefore stocks, in print. Select titles will be re-published upon sell out in a standard edition (in a standard case, with a standard sleeve, without a booklet) though this won’t be guaranteed for all titles as we may have limited rights, or a slower selling release may have a future in digital download form only.

You have released a film on Blu-ray, will you release it on DVD, UHD?
- As we work from the best available film materials if a 4K UHD is possible and worthwhile (not all 4K materials are suitable for UHD) we will look at such a release, otherwise a release will represent the best available quality and therefore is unlikely to be re-issued in another disc format.
- We do not release DVDs.

Can I show your film in a cinema, at my film club, or on TV or on my streaming platform?
- Quite possibly, please get in touch via info@radiancefilms.co.uk and we’ll do our best to help you!