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Radiance Films

Dirty Arthouse Vol 1

Dirty Arthouse Vol 1

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Our zine dedicated to the less discussed side of "serious" cinema, encompassing the strange, controversial and 'difficult' films. With new writing from around the world issue 1 includes:

  • Introduction: Dirty Arthouse - Cinema's Counterculture by Kat Ellinger  
  • Walerian Borowczyk: From Art to Trash and Back Again, or the Partial Redemption of Emmanuelle 5 by Jonathan Owen
  • Desire Without Shame: Catherine Breillat's Romance by Joseph Dwyer
  • Dek: Women in Paul Verhoeven's Dutch Films by Annie Rose Malamet
  • Pasolini and the Cataclysm of Consumerism by Jerome Reuter
  • Would a Needle, By Any Other Name, Sting as Sweet? Takashi Miike and the Ero-Guro Aesthetic by Tom Mes
  • From the Spaces of Sounds and Images: Peter Strickland in Conversation by Jack Sargeant

Edited by Kat Ellinger
Cover Artwork: Takashi Miike by Peter Strain
36 pages, single colour print on yellow stock paper

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