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Dirty Arthouse Vol 2

Dirty Arthouse Vol 2

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Dirty Arthouse Vol 2

Our zine dedicated to the less discussed side of "serious" cinema, encompassing the strange, controversial and 'difficult' films. With new writing from around the world, issue 2 includes:

  • Martyn Contero on Chabrol's Les Biches
  • Sabina Stent on Bunuel and the Surrealists
  • Rachael Nisbet on Femina Ridens
  • Alexandra Heller-Nicholas on Gaspar Noe
  • Lee Gambin on My Own Private Idaho
  • Kat Ellinger on Lina Wertmuller's Swept Away and Marco Ferreri's La cagna

Edited by Kat Ellinger
Cover Artwork: Gaspar Noé by Filippo Di Battista
36 pages, single colour print on blue stock paper
Available from: 21/08/23

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