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Radiance Films

Radiance Limited Edition 2024 Bundle (2/12)

Radiance Limited Edition 2024 Bundle (2/12)

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Update: Includes Black Tight Killers, Allonsanfan and By a Man's Face Shall You Know Him.



This is a special pre-order package (instalment 2 of 6 or 2 of 12) to include all limited edition Radiance releases for the period January to June or January to December 2024.

You must purchase 6 or 12 instalments in order to qualify for the Half Year or Full Year package and discount. Item 1/12 refers to January, item 2/12 refers to February and so on. You must make all 6 or 12 purchases on the same day in order for your purchase to be validated.

Please note our usual shipping policies apply. Therefore if you purchase items in one transaction they will ship upon availability of the last released item. See below FAQ for further details and examples.

Purchases made as 6 or 12 individual transactions will ship on a monthly basis. If you wish to combine monthly packages to economise shipping, or add different shipping methods this is now possible. IOSS will be assigned for each individual purchase and each will be within the limit.

Package includes:

  • Each new limited edition Radiance release (does not include Standard editions, or hosted labels)

  • Select additional items curated for members (2023 included a tote bag, postcards, notebook, Dirty Arthouse Vol 1 and 2)

  • Access to Private Discord to discuss future releases, suggest and discuss title selections, previews of extras-in-creation, participate in polls and more in direct discussion with Radiance

The first products will ship from January 2024.  

Forthcoming releases include films by Bava, Bunuel, Comencini, Damiani, Fukasaku, Rivette, Suzuki, a variety of countries and genres featuring poliziotteschi, gothic, ninjas, samurai, serial killers, Japanese New Wave, American Indie, European arthouse, plus new and ongoing collections including World Noir Vol 2 and more to be revealed!

The bundle is available to purchase until December 31st, 2023.  


Why are months 1-6 cheaper than 7-12?

  • We anticipate releasing more box sets in the latter part of the year, it is also the point at which, through the proceeds of sales of these packages, the most impact will be felt on our schedule should we increase our releasing quantity. This was also the case in 2023. More packages sold means more ability for us to add in extra titles. 

What titles are included exactly?

  • This package will include all Radiance limited edition (not re-issues) releases between January and June 2024 for bundles 1-6 and January and December 2024 for bundles 1-12. You must purchase either 1-6 or 1-12 or your transactions will be cancelled. Purchases must be made on one day. We will then verify and join your transactions on our member database and validate your membership and issue your Discord code.

How does shipping work should I purchase all in one go or batches?

  • Usual shipping policies apply therefore if you purchase package 1 (January), 2 (February) and 3 (March) in one transaction you will not receive any items until the titles in March are ready and all three monthly packages will ship together as one delivery. You must purchase all items in one day, we will then verify and join your transactions on our member database and validate your membership and issue your Discord code. If you do not purchase all instalments of the package (either 1-6 or 1-12) your purchases will be cancelled and refunded.

  • For example if you purchase:

    • Transaction 1: Bundle 1 - ships January

    • Transaction 2: Bundle 2 - ships February

    • Transaction 3: Bundle 3 - ships March

    • Transaction 4: Bundle 4 - ships April

    • Transaction 5: Bundle 5 - ships May

    • Transaction 6: Bundle 6 - ships June

    • However, you may choose to combine shipments if you anticipate being away or want to economise on postage, e.g.:

    • Transaction 1: Bundle 1+2 - ships February

    • Transaction 2: Bundle 3+4 - ships April

    • Transaction 3: Bundle 5+6 - ships June

I live in Europe is IOSS covered?

  • Yes, part of the reason we are structuring it this way is to ensure that IOSS is properly covered for each transaction and as separate transactions ensures each is within the the IOSS limit.

I want to have my deliveries tracked, is this possible?

  • Yes, part of the reason we are structuring it this way is to provide access to all our usual shipping rates and services, so when you go to check out for each transaction all our usual shipping rates will be visible.

How many releases are you planning?

  • We anticipate releasing 3 releases a month. There may be variation in quantities from month to month as we manage the higher volume from box set releases. We will be building on our 2023 schedule with extra releases which you can refer to here.

It says curated items are included within the package, what are these likely to be?

  • In 2023 we added tote bags, postcards, Dirty Arthouse vol 1 and 2 and a notebook. We will look at similar and new items and these will be discussed on the Discord, polled and suggestions taken for items to include in 2024. It's a member's package and we hope to make it a member's community with engagement back and forth to shape how the package evolves.

What will happen if you release less than promised?

  • We exceeded the quantity promised for our 2023 package and expect to achieve or exceed for 2024. The more popular the package becomes the more ability we will have to exceed in 2024 as well.

Will it be possible to buy part way through or later next year?

  • Due to the administrative processes involved with these packages we will only be taking orders until 31st December. We will open up packages again in the spring to purchase the half year bundle for June-December 2024 but this will be at smaller discount.

What region code will these be?

  • As with our 2023 schedule releases will be a mixture of region codes but you should ensure you are able to play region B locked discs as these will feature within the schedule.

What languages are available?

  • All releases will be English language with subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing or foreign language with optional English subtitles. By strict agreement with the studios and producers we are only allowed to subtitle into English.

Will you offer a US Gold package?

  • At present we do not have a solution for a US package.  

What if I don't want to join the Discord?

  • That's fine, just ignore the email. However if you change your mind please note the code expires after 24 hours so please respond to the original email to receive a refreshed link.

Does this include the postage cost for each item delivered?

  • Usual shipping policies apply. Postage is automatically calculated at check out and you may choose our usual shipping options should you want tracked mail.

If I buy can I join the Discord right away? Will you be taking suggestions right away?

  • Yes you can join after purchase (once we validate your purchases - please give us 48 hours) and we are always checking for feedback and take suggestions seriously. While our 2024 schedule has plenty in it we do have slots available. And should the package prove very popular we will increase our schedule quantity which will make the package even better value.

If you have any questions not answered here please feel free to email

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