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Tai Kato by Tom Mes

Tai Kato by Tom Mes

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Tai Kato by Tom Mes

Former assistant director to Akira Kurosawa on the epoch-making Rashomon, Tai Kato made a name for himself during the 1960s as a specialist of period actioners and yakuza films. Similar to Seijun Suzuki, he pushed seemingly simple genre potboilers to new heights of cinematic style, making them all the more entertaining in the process. As the 1960s progressed, his films became increasingly irreverent and daring, tackling taboo subjects such as ethnic minorities and homosexuality, and pushing his already bold sense of style into the realm of the avant-garde.

The first extended writing dedicated to this genre master, this new book provides a guide to a sensationally overlooked filmmaker to accompany a series of Tai Kato releases from Radiance Films.

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Format: Book
Paperback, 60 pages 
Exclusive to
Release date: 29/01/24 

"undoubtedly a master: a rare and distinctive talent" - Tony Rayns, National Film Theatre Programme Guide, 1999

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